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Em Client Review

eM Client 7 is the best email client because it can manage multiple e-mail accounts at the same time. eM client for Mac and Windows has many great features, including a free trial that you can use to try this email client.

eM Client 7 Features

eM Client7 is available on both Mac and Windows and supports a large range of email services. This includes Gmail. Outlook, iCloud, and Exchange.

This email client also has an easy and quick method of importing emails from other email clients, so you do not need to lose any emails when you make the switch.

eM Client 7 also has full touch support. This makes it great for touch-enabled tablets, laptops, and other devices. There is also a great search feature built-in, so you can search all your email accounts at the same time.

Other than being the best email client, eM Client 7 has a calendar, contacts list, and chat. These features allow you to use all the attached email accounts that you have, and you can sort information based on the email account.


eM Client 7 is easy to install. Within minutes, you can have all your emails in one program. The email from all your accounts will import, and you can divide them into different folders to make it easy to find specific emails.

The GUI is uncluttered making the program easy to use. This is very important as other email clients have GUI that is cluttered, which makes it hard to find what you are looking for.


The free version has a two email limit. This is only a con if you have more than two emails that you use a lot. This is easily fixed by upgrading your eM Client 7 to the Pro version, but if you are not really going to need the unlimited accounts, you may not need to upgrade.

Some users have found that after a few days of emails or if they have a lot of emails, there are ‘ghost’ messages. ‘Ghost’ messages are emails that show up in the original folder, instead of being deleted.

There are also errors in the servers, but these seem to be a bug that only happens to some users.


Even with the few bugs that eM Client 7 has, it is still the best email client available. The free version does have some limitations like only being able to have 2 email accounts. However, the wide range of features make up for the fact that you are limited. The Pro version does not have the 2 account limit, which makes it a better option for people who have more than just two email accounts that they use frequently.