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Ereleases Press Release Review

Ereleases is a service by erelease.com that helps companies in press release distribution to the media through three major ways including distribution, wiring and personal publicizing. The company was created to help companies or businesses that do not have a proper PR department gain the same amount of attention from the media like any other company would. The service mainly targets small to medium sized businesses which is just the perfect niche for this company. There are many reasons why the service is considered great, however, some companies are worried that it does not meet its promises; hence this review of releases.

Features of Ereleases

No Black Hole

Most press release distribution services usually send press releases to potential customers through their email addresses which usually get flagged as spam hence not really getting the message across. With Ereleases, they have a relationship with the media sites and sources such that the intended information is received by the target perfectly.

Personal Attention

Through the personal publicist program, the company assures clients that they will get the attention from the media that they want. This is done by PR writing that is optimized according to the company which helps it attract its own kind of attention which is suited to the company.

Comprehensive Coverage

Ereleases gives you a complete detail of what you should expect from the PR submission and some of the most common questions they may encounter. This further enhances their PR as they are able to achieve customer support by answering questions correctly and using language that is easy to understand.

Pros of Ereleases

No Waste Releases

With Ereleases, you get what you see which means that if something is promised to you when you were subscribing, you will get exactly that. They have all the connections to make your PR dreams come true which is why they are considered as the best in the industry.


The company has been operational since 1998 which gives them quite a lot of experience in knowing how to deal with different kinds of situations to your benefit. They bring this experience on board when you hire them which guarantees you service satisfaction.

Tips and Tricks

You are given useful tips and tricks that you can use to conquer the market which is one of the best reasons to give Ereleases a chance. These tips will come in handy when faced with complicated situations that you don’t have experience in.


It Is Expensive

It may have a lot of great benefits and features, but the service costs 3 to 5 times more than other similar services. The lowest package goes for about $300 while the highest goes for $500 which is quite a lot.

Ereleases is a great press release distribution service that may be your answer to conquering the PR aspect of your company. It is no fraud, and customers’ reviews support that in a great way which is why you may want to give it a try.