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PDF Expert Review

Mac OS’s do come with the Preview app installed, but this app is only helpful when you just want to view a PFD file. There are apps like Adobe’s Acrobat that you can use, but PDF Expert is the Mac app that we would recommend that you use to view and edit PDF files.

PDF Expert Vs Adobe Acrobat

The release of the new PDF Expert 2 has delivered a program that allows you to edit PDFs. Many of the features that were added to this version of PDF Expert are similar to Adobe’s Acrobat DC. Both programs allow you to add links and edit the text within a PDF. You can also lock the PDF with a password.

The best feature that was added to PDF Expert was the ability to edit images and text with just a few clicks of a button. The slick user interface that PDF Expert uses makes it easy and fast to make changes to a PDF. Most of the tools that are included in PDF Expert are basic compared to Adobe Acrobat, but it does make the program easier to learn and use when you are in a hurry.

Readdle, the creators of PDF Expert, made it simple to edit text. It is much better than Mac’s Preview, which has been known for being slow to launch and even unable to open PDFs at times. There are many areas where Adobe’s Acrobat beats out PDF Expert, but this is to be expected because it has been around for so long and there have been more updates to the software overall. If you are switching from Adobe Acrobat to PDF Expert, there could be some features and functions that you are going to miss with PDF Expert. At the same time, the similar tools and user interface could make it worthwhile.

Other Features

Editing PDF files may be why most people use PDF Expert, but it is not the only feature that the software includes. It also allows you to use ‘Stamps’. Stamps allow you to mark on any document. There are some that are included with the program, but you can also make your own. There is also a crop tool that makes editing page sizes easy. The crop tool can be used on each page, or you can edit your whole document at once.

Readdle Transfer is also added to PDF Expert 2.  This makes it easy to transfer files between devices. You will need to have Readdle Transfer installed on the device, which can be a challenge because it is only available from the Mac App Store. This is more reliable than Handoff, which is why it is highly recommended that you use this app instead.

PDF Expert is a great option, especially if you are a Mac user. It is faster than Preview, and it is simpler to use than Adobe Acrobat. The features and tools that are included in PDF Expert can be limiting at times. However, this will depend on what you are using the program for.